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I to-and-froed about purchasing SKATES :-
  • On one side I thought "Ohhh I will hurt myself, who-am-I-kidding I am not a teen, this is so silly, when will I have time".... the list goes on (so much doubt)!
  • On the other side... "I am/was so excited to relive my childhood joys, I can skate/bike with my girls, I want to challenge myself, there's so much fun to be had"...

Annnnd, I am so glad I went ahead and purchased some (and not just your average 'some', but a pair of "HOLOGRAPHIC https://impalarollerskates.com), the 1st day I tried them on, I couldn't contain Wendy's excitement and I thought to myself... YES this joy is my #why

I am here to step out of one box, and JUMP into another! I choose 'challenging', the unfamiliar, the irregular. Why not!? Life is full of surprises & opportunities, if we take those leaps!!

I encourage you to push yourself into unfamiliar places, to do things that you wouldn't normally do, to count your blessing and ultimately live + love x

Here is a little progress photograph of my latest sketch (back on the pencils)! 

Impala Roller Skate Drawing